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30 Minute Meditation Webinar

Meditation is said to decrease stress, improve mental clarity and energy, and foster creativity. Some of the most successful innovators in history have been dedicated mediators. Meditation is an excellent tool to incorporate into your daily routine, especially during tines of distress. When you meditate you focus your internal lens and bring greater clarity and peace. 

Scientific studies on meditation have proven to mitigate addiction, depression, anxiety, stress, cognitive function, and even eating disorders (1). The practice of meditation is said to improve cell heath, balance hormone levels, and reduce blood pressure.

Learn simple and easy techniques to meditate, health benefits, and how meditation can serve you and your body.

Meditation is the art and act of thinking deeply, which is used to connect with our Higher Self, to relax, deal with stress, self-improvement, and becoming centered and aware. There are physical and psychological benefits of meditation.

Physical benefits are deep rest, lowered levels of cortisol and lactate, reduction of free radicals, deceased high blood pressure, higher skin resistance, drop in cholesterol levels, improved flow of air to the lungs improving breathing, younger biological age, and higher levels of DHEAS in the elderly.

Psychological benefits are increased brain waves coherence, decreased anxiety & depression, decreased irritability and moodiness, improved learning ability & memory, increased self-actualization, feelings of vitality and rejuvenation, and increased happiness. Learn techniques on how to meditate.

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Thank you for registering for the 30-Minutes Meditation Webinar. You will receive a Meeting Notice to confirm your enrollment and link to Payment Process. Call Cathy Chargualaf @ 626-893-0340 if you have questions.

Footnote: (1) ((Zgierska, A., Rabago, D., Zuelsdorff, M., Coe, C. Miller, M., & Fleming, M. (2008); and MacLean,C.R.K., Walton K. G., Wennebeg, S. R., Levitsky, D. K., Mandarion, J. P., Waziri, R., Hillis, S. L., Schneider, R. H. (1997))